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Gaming Gallery is an ongoing series of videos in which video game trivia is shared, whether it's going over the development of a game or talking about the cancellation of a project. Each episode features narration from a member of the channel and guests are slated to appear in future seasons.

History Edit

The Gaming Gallery was a series of videos on L8RG8R2U's channel, under the name "L8RG8R2U's Gaming Gallery." He started making these videos after being inspired by another similar series made by Yuriofwind. The original idea was to make a video discussing the beta of the games he'd Let's Play. But when he couldn't find information on the beta of The Legend of Zelda: Four Sword, he decided to have the series feature more than just games he's Let's Played.

The Gaming Gallery would be uploaded off-and-on throughout the years until the last one on L8RG8R2U's channel discussing two cancelled Mario games on the Philips CD-i, which was uploaded in November 2015. At this time, L8RG8R2U was preparing for his first year at college and didn't have time to continue the series. Then it was pitched to move the series to the G.A.M.E channel in early 2018, and everybody agreed.

Season One Edit


Narrator Description
Paper Mario: Sticker Star TheJamesRolls Beta of Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Sonic X-treme GreenCobrasGaming Cancelled 3D Sonic games
Virtual Boy Pancakearmorman One of Nintendo's commercial failures
Cabbage L8RG8R2U Cancelled game from the creators of Mario, EarthBound and Pokémon
Super Mario 64 2 TheJamesRolls Cancelled sequel for the Nintendo 64DD
Luigi's Mansion TheJamesRolls Beta of Luigi's Mansion
Super Mario 128 GreenCobrasGaming Another cancelled Super Mario 64 sequel
Toy Story 2's Woody's Workshop L8RG8R2U Urban myth of a secret level in Toy Story 2
Pikmin Pancakearmorman Beta of the first Pikmin game
Super Smash Bros. TheJamesRolls Beta of the original Super Smash Bros.
Cancelled Epic Mickey Games Pancakearmorman Cancelled games in the Epic Mickey series
Nintendo's Harry Potter? TheJamesRolls How Nintendo almost got the rights to Harry Potter
Super Mario 64 Urban Myths GreenCobrasGaming Urban myths surrounding the popular title
Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition L8RG8R2U Cancelled remake of Tomb Raider developed by CORE
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild G.A.M.Ea History behind the games long development process

a - All 4 members provided narration

Season Two Edit

A second season has been confirmed to premiere sometime in 2019. No further details have been provided yet, although it has been teased that there will be special guests will narrate videos during the season.