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L8RG8R2U is a founding member of G.A.M.E, who also posts Let's Plays on his personal channel which you can find here. He is also a published author, his latest work being Korbet Adventures: Thunder on the Mountain.

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  • Real name is Justin R. James
  • Has appeared in the most collabs on the channel
  • Usually has a running gag every versus. Such as having a "sponsor" for every Super Mario 3D World Versus episode being a parody of TheJamesRolls's name, or having a musical parody at the end of every Splatoon 2 Versus episode
  • Another running gag involves L8RG8R2U questioning why he's involved in more projects. Because he won Mummy-Me Maze Forever during Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Versus (the most difficult level in the game), he automatically wins every project on G.A.M.E, even ones he's not involved in. TheJamesRolls would later counter this with a claim that he spoke to Marie first in Splatoon 2 Versus, which he believes makes him win everything
  • Favorite Squid Sister is Callie, although he's not shy in admitting Marina is his waifu

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