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Luigi's Mansion Versus is the eighth versus on G.A.M.E, eleventh overall series and the first versus to include Pancakearmorman. The project started on July 19th 2019.

Description Edit

"Welcome to (y)our versus of Luigi's Mansion! Not only are we competing to beat the game first, but we're also racing to see who can get more Gold Frames!"

Running Gags Edit

  • "Shut up, G8R."

Trivia Edit

  • First versus project between L8RG8R2U and Pancakearmorman, and the first one to involve Pancakearmorman at all
  • First project on G.A.M.E where one player is recording with a camera
  • First versus where the end goal is not to complete the game first. Instead, the winner is decided based on the highest number of Gold Frames
  • Second project on G.A.M.E to be edited entirely by L8RG8R2U
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