Sonic Forces Versus for the Nintendo Switch is the second versus project between L8RG8R2U and Pancakearmorman.

The series began on July 3rd, 2020 and is currently ongoing. You can watch from the beginning by clicking here.

Description Edit

"L8RG8R2U and Pancakearmorman are saving the world from evil with Sonic, Classic Sonic and their own personal avatars!"

Trivia Edit

  • A "lost episode" was uploaded a week prior to the start of the series showing a failed attempt at recording the first episode
  • Second versus project between L8RG8R2U and Pancakearmorman, after Luigi's Mansion Versus
  • Second Sonic game on the channel, after Sonic Generations
  • First versus where TheJamesRolls is the sole editor without being involved in the project himself. L8RG8R2U edited the first few episodes of Tomb Raider 2013 Versus before James took over
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