Octo Expansion Versus

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion for the Nintendo Switch was the 6th versus project between TheJamesRolls and L8RG8R2U. The series ran from February 1st, 2019 to March 15th, 2019.

You can watch the series from the beginning by clicking here.


"After half a year, TheJamesRolls and L8RG8R2U are back in the versus saddle for the additional story mode of Splatoon 2 known as Octo Expansion!"

Running Gags

  • George the Eight Ball, the apparent child of L8RG8R2U
  • Pause: The Versus, due to almost every episode featuring an interruption thus leading to a pause in recording


  • This is the first versus to feature a non-linear game, allowing both players to decide their own order for completing levels
  • This series has so far featured the most interruptions during recordings, hence "Pause: The Versus" being a running gag
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