Super Mario Bros. 3 for Nintendo Switch Online is the first co-op project between TheJamesRolls and L8RG8R2U. The series from April 5th, 2019 to June 19th, 2019.

You can watch the series from the beginning by clicking here.


"For the first time in, well, ever... TheJamesRolls and L8RG8R2U have to work as a team!"

Running Gags Edit

L8RG8R2U comes up with an alternative meaning for the console acronyms that Super Mario Bros. 3 can be played on.

  • NES = Nintendo Eggnog System


  • In 2012, L8RG8R2U uploaded a Super Mario Bros. 3 Let's Play that he quickly took down as he was unhappy with the quality, and he was already doing three LPs at the time. This Co-Op series can be a considered a spiritual successor to those videos
  • The first co-op series between L8RG8R2U and TheJamesRolls, and the first where James makes a regular appearance (he made guest appearances during Mario Kart 8 Co-Op along with Pancakearmorman, but only for a few videos)
  • Currently the oldest game played on G.A.M.E and L8RG8R2U's channels
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