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TheJamesRolls is a founding member of G.A.M.E, who also posts Let's Plays on his personal channel which you can find here. He is also a video editor and graphic designer.

Current Collab(s)[]

Upcoming Collabs[]

  • EarthBound Co-Star (with ???)
  • Pokémon Versus (with ???)
  • Super Mario Odyssey Versus (with ???)

Previous Collabs[]


  • James has won every Mario versus on the channel he's been involved in
  • James has appeared in every co-op on the channel in some form, being a featured player in all but Mario Kart 8 where he instead made a guest appearance and Super Mario Bros. where he appeared in a visual gag at the end of the 2nd episode
  • James is credited with being the overall founder of G.A.M.E, as he suggested the creation of a new collaborative channel while discussing making a versus project with L8RG8R2U
  • James is the second member to leave and return, following GreenCobrasGaming
  • James and Cobra are the only pair of members that have not done a collab project together with just the two of them

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